Date: 20-Sep-2018 Posted By: Neha

The Albanian Alps are enchanting more and more foreign tourists, becoming one of their favorite destinations. It is no coincidence that tourists who choose to visit the Alps, especially the Valbona Valley, increase day by day.

All of them will have essential information about the destination, the activities, the services and the main attractions to visit: from the first of August, in fact, the Albanian development fund has opened an office for tourist information in Valbona.

In the same way, he drafted the general plan concerning the Alps, the strategy of development of the area for the next 15 years, also launching the first investments based on this document.

The Albanian Alps are located north of the Drini river and west of the Valbona river. They include the northern part of the country and account for about 8% of it; they have a rather isolated geographical location, since the roads connecting them to the surrounding areas are few and not in excellent condition.

In addition, they are characterized by mountain ranges, plateaus and valleys: the mountain range ‘Jezerca’ is located in the middle of the Alps and has the highest and steepest peak – the top of Jezerca, 2694 meters high – and that is the second most high in the country, behind Mount Korab. The high mountain is located to the north-west of the Alps, such as the Bjeshkët and Namuna (The Cursed Mountains) with an altitude of 2400-2500 meters.

Shala River

Shala river is among the largest of the Albanian Alps. Along it are the main population centers (Theth, etc.) while the mountainous hills between the rivers of Shala and Valbona, have reliefs full of sharp peaks and thick wooded vegetation.

Valbona River

Valbona river, on the other hand, presents – among other things – the national park, which stretches for 8000 hectares and is considered the marvel of the Alps.

Theth National Park

Also worth mentioning is Theth National Park, about 70 km from the city of Shkodra (Scutari) and located in the heart of the Alps. The park in question has an area of 2630 hectares and is located at an altitude that ranges from 600 to 2570 meters above sea level.

Areas of Razma and Vermosh

To conclude, the areas of Razma and Vermosh, the most visited mountain resorts of the city of Shkodra. The areas are surrounded by pine forests and you can do some activities such as hiking and climbing.